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BETWEEN TWO WORLDS - The lives of the Siamese Princes Chula and Bira

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS - The lives of the Siamese Princes Chula and Bira

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It's one of the greatest stories in motor racing history. How two Siamese Royal Princes won a unique place in the annals of motorsport while at the same time inspiring a nation to great achievement in the world of sport and beyond. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS tells of their royal origins and how they came to create one of the most successful racing teams in pre-war European motor racing.

But its not just their racing under the White Mouse Stable banner that is recalled, but also the lifestyle they enjoyed in a Europe that was slipping ever closer to war. The talented Prince Bira developed into one of Europe's most accomplished drivers while Prince Chula, as Patron and team manager, guided him to great success. During this time they became favorites of the sport-loving Irish people, often being mobbed during their many appearances at Irish motor racing events, while they enjoyed racing in Ireland because of the relaxed nature of officialdom at Irish events.

Post-war motor racing took place in a changed world and when Prince Chula retired, Prince Bira continued as a privateer, now very much the underdog against the well-funded 'works' teams of Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Scoring intermittent success along the way, Prince Bira continued until 1955 when he retired from motor racing. Instead, there was sailing - he represented Thailand in four Olympic Games - flying, setting gliding records, treasure hunting and more, while Prince Chula developed his career as a writer and TV and radio personality until his untimely death in 1963.

This then is the story of two lives deeply intertwined and told in detail set in the context of their royal backgrounds and their times. Additionally, it contains a complete record of Prince Bira's motor racing. This is a unique and fascinating story not to be missed.



    A limited first edition of 500 numbered copies

    Author: Bob Montgomery

    ISBN: 978-1-902773-36-0

    Hardback - 296 Pages

    Page Size: 47 x 183mm

    106 B&W and Colour photographs

    Price: €40


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