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Dreoilín Publications is a small, independent publisher specialising in titles in the following categories:

  • Motoring history

  • Aviation history

  • Travel guides for exploring Ireland

Established in 1999, we've published a wide selection of titles. One of our most popular ranges is the IRISH TRANSPORT SERIES that currently has 23 titles in the collection. They range from 32 page albums to 240 page books and new subjects are constantly added. These subjects range from histories of Early Motoring and Aviation in Ireland to the story of the Motor Assembly Industry in Ireland, and also tell the story of the many motor racing venues on this island. Most of the subjects are unique and have not appeared in print elsewhere.

Our most recent book is our most ambitious yet, and tells the story of THE IRISH INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIX 1929-31. This lavish, large-format, account of these unique races and their political background and the part they played in the emergence of the young Irish Free State is told for the first time and illustrated with a wonderful collection of photographs.

Caring for the Environment

We're now using 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated paper printed with water-based inks for all our packaging. This represents a significant move away from our dependency on single-use plastics. Our packaging biodegrades inside 3 months. It can be shred, soaked and mixed with soil where microorganisms will do the rest.

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